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In-demand Future Jobs that will Stay

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The current pandemic may have left us shocked with the employment rate graph, but if we have used our minds and time effectively, we can pave our own good paths with respect to the jobs of the future. Some skills we already possess, that we need to just polish while some we need to learn to keep up with the trends. Thus, we need to be aware of such jobs that can keep us straight on our feet. Not to mention, creating jobs for self is now the newest trend, given the era of influencers and YouTubers.

Let us look at 12 Future Jobs- Trending Jobs

The jobs that have recently popped up are mostly based on online networking or at least at some point, we get attached to online services to promote our brand or to make an app/ website. Online presence is now a pre-requisite to accessibility. And after creating a contact platform, we then have to rely on the data of our clients or the customers.

Jobs that will make you Stay Relevant
So, monitoring the changing pattern and of course, keeping in mind the needs of the customers, one can very well predict the changing job prospects for oneself. The in-demand career options have been highlighted below.

1. Data Scientist

When we say Content is King these days, Data is not far behind. The technically knowledgeable people with actual degrees are here to take over and help find trends and insights of the future. Thus, the job of a data scientist is too much in demand and is only going to boom more. Handling big data, data mining and machine learning form a major part of these. Solution providers are and will always be in demand. The data available has to be put to good use, which does require the data scientist to come up with the optimal data solutions.

2. Data Analyst

Mathematical ability, critical thinking, problem-solving is required to have in a data analyst. A lot of business decisions are made by the strategies and approaches of a data analyst. Collecting and interpreting data, merging the theory and practice is important to make informed decisions by an organization. If you have a combined knowledge of Probability, Statistics, Data Visualization, and Risk management, you are ready for handling & analyzing data in a business environment.

3. Content Creator

We all know how we are hooked to our social media. And trust this, there is so much content on the internet: useful, not useful, relevant, and non-relevant and the list goes on, in fact, the list does not have an end. Entertainment in today’s world has taken so many forms including one coming from content creators. The Instagram posts that you see, the article you are reading, the video you are playing has a person behind them.

Ideas are always many, and now they have a pen/ typist and a voice too.

4. Health Coach & Dietetics

With the advent of lifestyle diseases, the prevalence of vegetarianism, veganism, and toned body concepts among the young, and the increased awareness of hereditary diseases, health experts, diet experts, and lifestyle coaches are in demand. The gym and wellness experts, guiding people at every step to lead a healthy life is in itself an important profession. Personal or community health experts in combination with dieticians are now in high demand for the maintenance of their diet and physical health.

5. Physiotherapist

Described as the most relaxed form of treatment, in overcoming illnesses and injuries, physiotherapy is highly recommended as well as preferred. From major fractures to trauma patients, a physiotherapist's job is to have a passion for helping people in conducting mobilization techniques and organizing sessions, and complete fitness programs too. This profession is old and gold type one. The profession requires one to have a lot of patience and great interpersonal skills to handle the patients.

6. Yoga Instructor

The many Gurus and religious preachers have enough promoted India for its deep belief and effectiveness of Yoga in everyone’s life. Due to the practical proofs, it has become one of the most trusted ways to keep oneself healthy. A lot of people have now resorted to this practice for a healthy lifestyle and a lot many have become certified instructors to teach and make follow others, this discipline has benefitted so many so far.

7. Nurse Practitioners

A job that is beyond a registered nurse is health professionals that are now playing important roles in specialized health fields such as pediatrics, family care, adult care, gerontology, mental health. They develop treatment plans, diagnose patients, and carry our medical laboratory tests. The NP program takes around 2 to 4 years sometimes even with a master’s degree. Yet a high paying, very respectful, and always in-demand type of job is that of a nurse practitioner.

8. Digital Marketer

Generating leads and building brand awareness is the primary responsibility of a digital marketer. With social media doing the needful for advertisements and promotion, the need for a person with complete knowledge of websites, social networking, search engine rankings, online advertising, email marketing is all the more important. A decent knowledge of analytics to identify the weaknesses and mediate the marketing plan and implementing strategies to improve awareness is also the role, which is now highly payable and in much demand.

9. Cloud Computing Professional

Migrating information into the cloud (data centers of the internet) has taken precedent for a long while now. A computer/ IT expert with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computers is required. Know that it is a specialized job, hence the demand is also high. It is easy to get a job too as it is a dedicated position. With the data analyst and scientist’s job prevailing, the requirement for cloud computing professionals increases too.

10. Software/ App Developers

Since the beginning of digitization and automation, apps have become the easiest option to resort to in order to sell your services. And hence, taking the ideas forward, software applications are the simplest ways to go forward. Good programming knowledge, app functionality, analytical skills, and attention to detail are required by app developers.

App development is a great opportunity in itself to expand your horizons.

11. Market Analyst

Examining the market trends is always required by all the companies. Examining potential services or products of a company and giving insights on the ongoing trends of sales and products. The use of software in analysis has made the job even more in demand and sophisticated. Forecasting upcoming trends and effectiveness of the strategies are going to be there, almost forever.

12. Manager (MBA)

Let's just say it always starts from a higher position. A fully equipped course in business management or simply transforming the self into an entrepreneur, an MBA can do wonders with self. An MNC job is quite guaranteed, with the brand value that comes with the course. From once upon a time only available indirect business opportunities such as finance and consulting, now an MBA specialization is available in every field, fulfilling its demand as well as supply everywhere.

Doing something for yourself is even easier now!

One point that is self-explanatory seeing the reliability of us on digitization, is becoming independent, entrepreneurs in almost any field, be it, entertainment, knowledge, travel, technical.

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