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Don't be too late to appreciate

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Story: Vishwas, Jr. Analyst

It was an appraisal time. Hari, who worked hard for building a great relationship with a very tough client, is looking forward to having very good growth in the coming appraisal cycle. Considering his performance, he expected a 30% hike along with a promotion.

But his company had other plans. Due to the presence of various senior members in the team, only a few promotions could be accommodated. Besides Hari, they had to deal with many other prospective candidates for promotion in the cycle.

The time had come; the discussion began. While his hard work and efforts were acknowledged, a typical HR process concluded that the efforts were not sufficient enough to have his expectations fulfilled. He had to settle with a 10% hike. Even though deserving, he was denied the promotion, owing to typical office politics. The HR advised him to work even better to get more benefits and promotions. HR believed that he convinced Hari about the outcome of the appraisal.

Hari was silent, which was taken as acceptance. Even though he had to live with the appraisal outcome, he felt very demotivated. A very hardworking person then turned into a person with a laid back attitude. He slowly started looking for opportunities in other companies. Soon, he cracked interviews and got selected by a competing firm with a 50% hike and promotion. It did not take Hari a lot of time for his resignation.

As he resigned, the role of HR became very prominent. A very enthusiastic HR, now, talks about all the fundamentals of team spirit and the need for thinking constructively, and with a lot of effort, and convinced him to stay in the company, after giving hike of 50% and promotion. The company had to shell out more money to have Hari in the company.

In spite of getting more than what he expected, Hari is not a very happy person in the company.

A lot of companies commit this kind of mistake very frequently. Giving little when someone asks to give a lot of satisfaction to that person than giving more when he loses interest.

An incident such as this must have been the pioneer of a lot of repercussions:

  1. Negative attitude and gradually negative atmosphere

  2. Unsatisfactory performance and ultimately resignation

What do you say?

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