What is Delegation in the Workplace?

When working as a team, doing work on our own is very easy. If we know what needs to be done, and if we are aware of the process, it is very easy for us to slice and dice the work, plan as per our comfort and complete the work. But, is it the same while delegating work to others, and what about when you have to delegate work as a manager?

What does Delegation mean?

Delegating work is one of the important attributes a manager should possess. How good you are at work, after a certain limit you cannot work at all tasks. As you get more and more work, effective ways of delegation and managing work will define your talent. Not just assigning any work to anyone, but rightly doing it by considering all responsibilities, resources, deadlines, and budgets.

Even though delegation is very important, many managers are not able to assign work properly. On one side, there are careless managers who don’t bother what is going on in the projects and simply leave everything on their juniors. On the other side, there are managers who doubt the capabilities of team members and don’t prefer to give work to their juniors. As a result, the overall work quality hampers.

How does the "Delegat