Confidence vs Over-confidence

‘You can do it’ or ‘only you can do it’? Which one sounds great?

Obviously, we want to achieve the latter. As we gain more experience, we see ourselves becoming better than others and are able to showcase our abilities to everyone around us. This is definitely a plus for us at the time. But do you remember the initial stages of corporate life, when we were open to learning, guidance, and knowledge sharing? When we were not as confident as we are today? Today seems like a great feeling because we have overcome most of the hindrances in our growth and are steadily moving towards betterment.

But what if the confidence turns into over-confidence?

I have seen a few teams impacted greatly because of this attitude. I have worked in a team where Rajesh, one of my teammates, showed similar behavior. He is very talented and has worked hard to achieve various milestones with his own abilities. But requires minimum supervision for completing his tasks. As days passed, his attitude became very arrogant and started reflecting the same. In fact, in a few s