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What is Burnout? Symptoms, Know How to Deal with it?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We all have well adapted to the long working hours so much so that it is actually the new normal office lifestyle. And as much as we have glamourized our long working hours by making Saturday working memes or burning the midnight oil and then proudly showing the hikes and promotions, the struggle is truly real. We, ourselves, only know how many times water has and we have smiled the next day despite the incessant sleepless nights. And maybe, we felt better seeing the achievement but every time it is not worth it. Is it?

Truly, deep down, we know we put more than required efforts, maybe to outshine, but sometimes, maybe to out-show as well. And this "too much showing" drains us a lot and how much frustration we must have hidden is we kind ones, don't express and let that gets diluted with some distractions around.

Do you think distraction is the solution?

Distraction is not enough; We need to give ourselves a proper break to recover, for burnout takes a heavy toll on our physical and mental health, both. We need to also sit down and ask if what we are doing is worth it. Sometimes people take so much time to recognize or they simply do not have the time to figure till a breakpoint comes.

Burnout at Work- Check Signs, Tips to Deal

Check for these Signs of Burnout:

  1. Forgetfulness

  2. No motivation to start your day

  3. The lingering feeling of exhaustion

  4. Irritability from everyone or everything

  5. Insomnia, Anxiety, Chills

  6. Feeling numbness at Work

  7. Detachment

  8. Negative Outlook

  9. Unexplained muscle pain and tension

  10. Increasingly self-critical

And mind this, Burnout is different than Stress:

Stress is not Burnout: Stress V/s Burnout

Stress can be handled. Back of the mind, we know how much and how we can take it. We know the management strategy as well to some extent. A bit of compromise, and sometimes motivation lets us handle it. In fact, the effect is mostly physical.

Whereas Burnout cannot be handled, because we are dried up, we have had it. And now there is no motivation that can make us feel better or work towards ourselves. Here the effect is more emotional- hopelessness, detachment, exhaustion.

Consequences of Job burnout

Job Burnout is often left as is, is unrecognized, or even ignored. And that has some serious consequences.

  • Excessive stress

  • Insomnia

  • Persistent anger or irritability

  • Affect on Health: Heart disease, High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes. Vulnerability to diseases increases

  • Losing determination off your goals

  • Getting distant from close friends and family

Can you Handle Burnout? Yes, Check How

Knowing is the first step to handle burnout. When you know it, you should realize how much you have been taking this lightly by not paying attention to it. Retrospect since when are you feeling this, what are the possible reasons and make up the mind to get out of it.

You may need external support, do not hesitate.

Check some simple tips to handle burnout:

  1. Make note of your Physical and Emotional needs: You might want a time out from your office life, like a long break, even to the extent of resignation; You might want to talk to your close friend(s), spouse, mentor; You might want to give your body proper sleep and do nothing in the break- just the right amount of sleep for some time.

  2. Try Relaxing Exercise: Yoga and meditation are always the most suggested forms of relaxing, that helps with stress.

  3. Be Social yet Selective: Giving yourself a good time to be spent with your near ones such as siblings, parents, spouses would be a good start. Sometimes engaging with not very known ones give you a different perspective. And yes, recognize negative people and limit contact with them

  4. Seek Support: Do not hesitate from seeking a therapist, a specialist, if the need arises.

  5. Address to your Manager: See if your manager can understand your problem, and help you with the dissatisfaction you have been facing due to work.

It is not great news yet burnout is becoming normal. And hence everyone around you, especially at your workplace should be able to empathize. You can be helped, be positive about it. Know what can get you balanced and hopeful.

Thanks for Reading. We hope you find the tips and tricks of corporate life useful. For direct queries, you may Post on the Forum OR You may also contact Sandeep Kumar Yelakanti (Corporate Coach) on Linkedin.

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