What is Burnout? Symptoms, Know How to Deal with it?

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

We all have well adapted to the long working hours so much so that it is actually the new normal office lifestyle. And as much as we have glamourized our long working hours by making Saturday working memes or burning the midnight oil and then proudly showing the hikes and promotions, the struggle is truly real. We, ourselves, only know how many times water has and we have smiled the next day despite the incessant sleepless nights. And maybe, we felt better seeing the achievement but every time it is not worth it. Is it?

Truly, deep down, we know we put more than required efforts, maybe to outshine, but sometimes, maybe to out-show as well. And this "too much showing" drains us a lot and how much frustration we must have hidden is we kind ones, don't express and let that gets diluted with some distractions around.

Do you think distraction is the solution?

Distraction is not enough; We need to give ourselves a proper