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Building Trust

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Trust is an emotion more than a feeling; a confusion more than a straight talk; a commotion more than just restfulness. The first sentence of an employee in the interview or on his first day- the introversion or outspokenness shown or what his resume speaks, is the first impression really the best impression? It really is not a big deal to trust, being one of the most important virtues of human relations. Even though it comes quite naturally to us, there always remains a tussle to trust or not.

We are so afraid of the betrayal and what follows that it takes a lot of resistance initially and to protect ourselves we even try to pretend to trust.

With time we develop more trust. Each project that we do together, the more we share, the more ups and downs we face together, each situation impacts. But, here is the catch, the downs especially. When we had been growing together, learning together, getting appreciated together, evidently the trust factor goes up; the moment one goes the other way, we start losing the trust, even though many other factors must have played the role. Is this not everyone’s story??? Two people working together in a corporate, start with full enthusiasm and when both are at the same level, it does not matter. A lot of times, especially when there is a conflict of interest during the appraisal period, or when one gets more appreciated than the other when there are equally talented individuals in a team, one might feel a distance, a lack of openness which was there initially. A holistic picture of all the above factors is complicated.

All these factors interlace and can make situations and relations go awry. Until everything is fine, all our deeds are encouraged, mistakes ignored and bad situations are backed up with motivation. Once there is a clash, trust is affected. We tend to lose that bond, especially when something goes wrong. Sooner or later, we realize that we should have understood the other person’s perspective in that case; they took a decision unfavorable to us.

The fun part is, we realize it better when we see the same happening with a third party. I believe, one of the most important virtues of human relations is TRUST – a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. I believe it is not a big deal to trust others when everything is fine. The true sense of TRUST remains valid especially when things are going wrong.

So, do we really trust people when it is required the most? ________________________________________________________________________________

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