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Bad Habits of a Manager

We definitely look at a manager with complete trust and confidence to be the future leader, taking the correct course decisions and taking everyone together towards development. But we all live in this imperfect world, and hence all possess some weaknesses. Hence, it is all of ours part to give them a benefit of doubt and sometimes overlook or help or accept the person as they are.

Some specifically found habits of a manager have been described. And this is upon the manager himself, to change or help to use it in a positive way so that bad effect of it can be minimized, if not overcome completely.

1. Taking Things Personally

A lot of times, our personal emotions overcome or come in between professional situations. This is often considered a very unprofessional way to handle things, which is not expected out of a manager. Hence, the statement, keep distance between personal and professional is repeated. A simple taunt or a decision in the favor of self will not be liked by anyone in your team and affects your rapport with your team.

2. Not taking feedback

If you, as a manager are good at giving effective feedback to your team members, you must be considered a great manager. But it is equally important for you to give the team members that space, wherein they are free to give you a suggestion. This inbuilt more trust and increases confidence in you.

3. Micromanagement

Building trust is not easy but remains an essential part of a manager. Getting an employee to work for you, one should be able to show their complete trust, which in turn will boost the confidence to work with more interest and passion. Many managers take up micromanagement as their management style but managing every move of the employee is not appreciated.

4. Not Taking Training

A lot of managers are insecure about their position and hence avoid giving training and expertise to their subordinates. We all have such insecurities, and thus, we take certain steps to be in the competition. Hence, it is important to understand and maintain the competencies within ourselves, and as a manager, one can balance the training as well as the competition to make a great team.

5. Making things Complex

As a manager, you have got to be a good diplomat to handle multiple sides of a situation. But, as a situation becomes more complex, diplomacy also becomes more complex to handle and sometimes makes the whole situation difficult to understand and resolve. In fact, sometimes, it leads to an influence of stepping back of the team members, which might discourage them. Hence, the level of diplomacy should not overpower any important decision or make things complex.

6. Not letting people speak

This can be counted as the most common bad habit for a manager to not let people speak, sometimes both inside and outside the team such as with their colleagues. . Even though, in some cases, it works for us but in general it is rude behavior for everyone and in fact, sometimes indicate taking away an opportunity from others too.

7. Not letting people talk to other teams

Call it protective, or possessive, a manager does this quite often. Not letting his own team members get engaged with other team members. Many a times, the reason also is some personal issues with other team members or managers.

8. Being Mechanical

Not everyone can be exemplary during training or showing the right way towards growth. Having and applying only bookish knowledge is hard to swallow for juniors. A good communication and effective learning process is expected out of a manager. So, a mechanical way of communicating, and teaching is generally not liked by the team.

9. Unapproachable

Good communication skills are important for a manager to handle the team, to get the work done and most importantly to rotate the thoughts or information thoroughly among the members. And hence, a closed personality is definitely not a good way to go. Especially, while giving feedback, a junior should be able to speak his/ her thoughts well because the manager gave them enough space.

10. Takes undue credit

A manager is the central point of the execution process of the ideas when juniors give him. The misuse of that is definitely not a proper way to carry forward the process. It not only hurts junior personally but discourages all others to share their ideas to you, which may be good for the overall project or even till the company level.

Can you think of more such habits of the managers that could be used for public knowledge? Comment right below.

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