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Are you Indifferent at your workplace?

Indifferent implies a detached feeling or emotion towards a situation, where the situation could be a happy one or a sad one. It also comes with a feeling of non-prejudiced, a neutral attitude towards all.

It does not always have to mean disinterested or unconcerned, it’s a no reaction to an on-going, which is taken as a reaction. An indifferent attitude can be both useful and a bit harmful.

Let us talk about each part one by one.

Importance of Indifference-

  • Important in being successful- Our focus defines our path of success. When we are passionate and oriented for one thing in life, it is important to be not diverted by any distraction that comes in the middle. Thus, one should choose the path of indifference so that we are only neutral towards other things and reacting only towards our focus.

  • Being neutral often leads you to a middle ground. Hence you may end up in a situation satisfying both parties. So, that attitude will work for you and of course for everyone else as receivers.

  • Help in avoiding Conflicts- The importance of indifference emerges more when you are giving the same response to similar situations. A real-life example of this would be parents towards all their children. Hence, showing equality towards all, and helps to avoid conflicts and biases that one child may feel.

Your response as being indifferent may be interpreted differently. Right? It does not have to be a lack of enthusiasm every time because being apathetic to certain things won’t make you heartless. In fact, you can choose to be neutral towards everything or simply avoid certain situations because your goal is different. On the other hand, you as an indifferent could be considered unconcerned towards feelings or apathetic. If that really is the intention or the attitude is portrayed as such then it is a problem. But using this behavior for being practical and being impartial, it is a good approach.

Being Indifferent is a solution to Biasness

Managers, whatever level they are in, are the most important pivot points in a company.

The statementChoose a good boss, not a good company’ is very prevalent in the corporate world. Be it good or bad, they are very influential and many times, make or break their junior’s career.

When managers become so pivotal in a company’s success and when they stay very close with their team members, quite often they become emotional and are taken to be biased for the team.

We have good vibes for a few people and perceive others negatively. In such scenarios, keeping these perceptions away from day-to-day decision-making, appraisals, and other aspects becomes very important. Otherwise, all our wise decisions and talent take a toll citing biasedness. So, it is very important for the manager to be indifferent towards the emotion he has for his team member.

How does Indifference at Work help Managers?

Here are a few tips to be indifferent and avoid biasedness due to the emotions you have for your team member:

  1. Learn about emotional intelligence. Be aware of the emotion you have for the team member and respond wisely.

  2. Think the opposite of the feeling you have for the team member. For example: if you have positive vibes for a team member, before taking any decision, think about how he could be wrong. Of course, this strategy needs to be used only to think about all perspectives and not to take wrong decisions.

  3. Try to think from their perspectives. Even if you are negative against a person, think from his side and give the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Recollect instances where you also faced a similar problem. This helps us big time because we tend to be very compassionate for situations where we also faced similar ones.

Above all, make a fact-based evaluation. With good data points, the chances of avoiding errors improve significantly. Also, you can guide the team member to look for improvement.

In the end, it is more important for your team members to take your decisions constructively, wherein both of you can work for progress.

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