Appreciation in Office

A constant encouraging tool is an appreciation in office. Everyone likes that and with a tough corporate job, it is important to continuously reward, award, mention, credit the employees to keep up their spirits. Moreover, it has now become a crucial part of a company's activities towards employees in the form of employee happiness quotient.

Appreciations, awards, and rewards are beneficial to a team's growth when they are quantifiable. A qualitative basis for appreciations is not good for a happy team in the long run. Appreciations, awards, and rewards play a great role in motivating team members.

An appreciation made in public makes one feel that he is recognized and acknowledged of his efforts and pushes him to perform better in the future.

But let us not ignore the other side of the coin. As the company grows, a team might get divided into sub-groups. So appreciating a few members, even though performing well, brings in jealousy and negative thoughts in others propelling negative politics and allegations on seniors. Soon, the negatives outweigh the positives of appreciations.